Why It Almost Ended

2018 has been a long year for me, it seems. And I know why it feels that way. Boy, do I ever know. I can admit this now.... I was overly ambitious with my writing and publishing plans for this year. And, rather than dramatically adjusting my schedule or plans, I pushed through, even when my body and mind were telling me I shouldn't, urging me not to. Because I felt I'd made promises, of sorts, to readers and other authors, and I didn't want to let them down. The pushing through, no matter how overloaded I was, is why I came very close - too close - to quitting the writing thing altogether. I was burned out in the worst way. I didn’t want to write. Not that I couldn’t, but I just didn’t have

5 Reasons Why Writers Are Insane

I decided to do a little something fun for this blog post. I recently had a thread on Facebook where I asked other authors to give reasons why writers are insane. And they were all valid...but these are what I consider the top reasons why you see writers sitting in a corner with their eyes darting everywhere. Or, it could just be the excessive amounts of coffee. *shrug* Anyway, here it is….5 Reasons Why Writers Are Insane. 1. The Editing Process Oh, the editing. As if we haven’t spent enough time and attention to the writing process as we’ve lovingly crafted our book, now we get to obsess over it all again. Every. Single. Word. Multiple times. We’re combing through our manuscripts, muttering

Spotlight on Mercedes Siler

Where are you from? The Inland Empire of Southern California How did you get started as a writer? I've always had an active imagination. When I was really little I would play all day making up stories for my Barbies to play out. I wrote my first real story in second grade titled "The Princess and the Happy Ending." Then I started writing instead of doing classwork in 7th or 8th grade. But I never really thought about being a published author until my boyfriend (now husband) encouraged me to pursue it. When were you first published and what was the book? In 2015 I published Chasing Stars and then realized I did it all wrong and pulled it down. I republished it this year as a second edit

I Swear I’m Not A Stalker

Per se. Okay, let me lay the groundwork here. Anyone who knows me knows Nora Roberts is my all-time favorite author. Not just in romance, but across all genres. Have you ever read someone’s work and it instantly clicks for you? This is me with her books, from the very first time I read one of her stories years ago. I’ve probably read 75% of her regular romance titles (and own at least sixty paperbacks) and I’ve read every single JD Robb book she has out. I love them. It’s an addiction, really. One of my number one bucket list items as both an author and a reader is to meet her at some point. I know she doesn’t have a lot of time to visit with people during the events she does do, but how coo

Turning the Tables on The Red Hatter Book Blog

I had the absolute pleasure to interview the ladies from Red Hatter Book Blog recently and let me tell you, these chicks are a RIOT! But don't take my word for it...read on and get to know the beauty and brains behind RHBB! Who are the people who make up Red Hatter Book Blog? Brittany Franks, Julia Reed & Ariadna Basulto Where are you all from? Brittany: I’m from a relatively rural area of Georgia Julia: Shelby, North Carolina Ari: Southern California How did you get started as a blogger? Brittany: My met my better blogging soul sister, Julia, in Cambria Hebert’s reader group (shoutout to the #Nerds!) where we discovered we were obviously twins separated at birth. After a year of devouring

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