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The Bedfords

Life in the Smoky Mountains moves at a slower pace. And for the Bedfords and their friends, life is full of ups and downs, especially when it comes to their family and matters of the heart.

From This Moment

Take Me Home

Feel The Heat

Smoky Mountain Christmas

Stay With Me

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Independent and outspoken, Grace Burgess is everything her conservative parents think she shouldn’t be. To their way of thinking, she should be settling down, not dreaming of adventure. But Grace wants to visit new places and see new things, without having to worry about her parents or being tied down to a man. Then she meets Ray.

Ray Bedford isn’t looking to meet 'the one'. He’s perfectly content to continue his bachelor ways and to work his job as a firefighter with the Gatlinburg Fire Department. But when he meets Grace, he's more than willing to reconsider his single guy status.

There's no doubt that there's a spark between Grace and Ray. And though Grace feels it, she's determined to live her life on her terms, even if means pushing the charming firefighter away. Her resolve is tested when Ray is involved in a near-fatal accident on the job. Facing the thought of losing him, Grace is forced to confront her feelings and decide which she wants more: her independence or the man she loves.

Available in: Paperback (Bookstore & Amazon) & eBook


Charlotte Bedford left her sleepy little hometown in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains to make a name for herself as a fashion photographer in the Big Apple. She craved success and independence, but most of all she wanted to be in a place where she wasn't known as the Bedford girl or Landon Montgomery's girlfriend. But her life in New York begins to take its toll, and she finds herself longing to return to her southern roots in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. What she doesn't know is the one man she ever really loved had never left.


Landon Montgomery was a southern boy, born and raised. And as much as he'd loved Charlotte, he'd had no desire to follow her to the big city, instead he’d stayed behind to help run his family's business. When Charlotte returns home, he knows they have to reconcile their past if they are to have a future. The aftermath of a family emergency makes them realize they were meant to be together, but is it already too late?

Available in: Paperback (Bookstore & Amazon) & eBook


Firefighter Colt Bedford loves the job, even when the job almost kills him.

Two years later, the accident still haunts him. What began as nightmares starts to creep over into his waking moments. He's done his best to hide it from everyone, including his family, but one particular incident during a rescue exposes his vulnerabilities, putting his job in jeopardy.

Single mother Amy Kincaid had lived a nightmare of her own. After escaping her abusive husband, she's doing her best to raise her daughter on her own. Even though her ex is still making trouble for her, she's focused on her daughter and getting from one day to the next, with no thought of inviting a man - any man - into her life. Amy's world collides with Colt's when the firefighter and his partner carry the mother and daughter from their burning home. 

After the fire, a simple thank-you gesture from Amy turns into something neither of them had planned. Colt feels more for Amy than he has for any other woman before her, but after her failed marriage, Amy doesn't trust her heart. When Amy's ex-husband strikes again, putting their daughter's life in danger, Colt and Amy have to decide: do they go their separate ways or do they go after everything they didn't know they wanted?

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The Bedfords are playing matchmaker. And they have a little help. 


Grace and Ray Bedford have opened up the family home for their annual Christmas party and half of the Gatlinburg area has been invited. This includes Reeanne Hawthorne, owner of Smoky Mountain Sweets, a popular local candy store. A classic workaholic, Reeanne only came to the Bedford's Christmas party because she was pressured by a friend into accepting the invitation. Feeling out of place in the crowd, Reeanne thought she'd be better off doing inventory or going over the books. At least until a certain firefighter caught her eye. 


Seth Bennett still hasn't gotten over the fact his best friend, Colt Bedford, beat him at his chance at Amy, the girl of Seth's dreams. He couldn't hold a grudge, though, especially since Colt and Amy are engaged. And since Seth considers the Bedfords more like family than friends, there are no hard feelings. Especially once Seth meets Reeanne. 


When Amy's sisters, along with the Bedfords, notice the sparks between Seth and Reeanne, they count on some Christmas magic (and a little scheming) to help the pair meet under the mistletoe.


Park ranger Clay Bedford is content with his life. He has, and loves, the dream job he’s always wanted. His close-knit family lives nearby, and he has good friends and a loyal dog for company. He isn’t looking for love. He’d suffered through the loss of love before; she was the one who got away…until she came back. 

Hotel manager Abigail Blanchard has dealt with her cold and controlling parents her entire life. When she was in college, her parents made a decision that forced Abigail to stay away from Clay, leaving her world turned upside down. After bending to her parents’ will that one last time, she’s found a way to move beyond it to build her own life on her own terms. Bumping into Clay Bedford again, however, was not something she’d planned for.

When Clay responds to an accident involving Abigail somewhere off the beaten path in the Smoky Mountains, he has no idea how seeing her again will change his world. After an unexpected night together, the pair realizes the spark is still there between them. Will they be able to overcome their past or will Abigail’s parents force them apart forever?

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