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Crossroads now on Kindle Vella

If you're following me on social media, you probably already know what I'm about to tell you (or not. That's okay, too!). But, in case you don't, allow me to introduce you to Nick Spenser and Jo Devereaux (aka Spense & Dev). I think these two are going to be a lot of fun to write!

Blurb for Crossroads - A Spense & Dev Story

Before transferring to a station in a sleepy little Mississippi town, Detective Jolene "Jo" Devereaux and her partner had been chasing a serial killer. One who would stalk his victims, women living alone, learning their routines and habits. Then he’d gain access to their homes, disguised as a police officer, before torturing and killing them. A fatal mistake had Jo deciding to start over. New town, new job, new partner.

Detective Nick Spenser wasn't used to having a female partner who looked more like a model than a cop. But he soon learns she's got brains and nerves of steel. A good thing, since the serial killer Jo thought she'd left behind has decided he’s not done with her yet.

What is Kindle Vella?

I like to think of it as the book world's version of a prime-time television show. You get episodes each week (more or less, depending on the author. I am publishing weekly). Some episodes are free (usually the first three or four) and then each one requires tokens to unlock (this is how the author gets paid). New users can get free tokens to use while trying out Kindle Vella.

So, I don't get the whole book at once?

Depends on how long you wait to start reading. As of this publication, I have four episodes available (soon to be five, as I publish new episodes on Mondays). The fun in this is that I am publishing as I'm writing, which means I don't have a full manuscript I'm just copying and pasting from. So even I don't know what happens three episodes from now!

You can be alerted to new episodes posting by clicking the +Follow Story button on the stories Vella page.

Add a Closing Message

I'm hoping to make Spense & Dev a regular series after Crossroads. I have ideas of how the two of them will go forward, but this can only happen if readers read (and like) this story! So, I hope you'll go check out Crossroads on Kindle Vella and leave a thumbs up at the end of each episode!


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