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I Swear I’m Not A Stalker

Per se. Okay, let me lay the groundwork here.

Anyone who knows me knows Nora Roberts is my all-time favorite author. Not just in romance, but across all genres. Have you ever read someone’s work and it instantly clicks for you? This is me with her books, from the very first time I read one of her stories years ago. I’ve probably read 75% of her regular romance titles (and own at least sixty paperbacks) and I’ve read every single JD Robb book she has out. I love them.

It’s an addiction, really.

One of my number one bucket list items as both an author and a reader is to meet her at some point. I know she doesn’t have a lot of time to visit with people during the events she does do, but how cool would it be to sit down and pick her brain?? As awesome as it would be, I think this may be the closest I ever come to hearing her talk about how she got started, her daily routine and so on. lol

As an author, she’s the standard I strive for. As a reader, I anxiously await her upcoming releases.

If you’re reading this, who is your favorite author? Give us the low-down on your most stalk-worthy (in the least creepy way possible) writer in the comments below!

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