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Turning the Tables on The Red Hatter Book Blog

I had the absolute pleasure to interview the ladies from Red Hatter Book Blog recently and let me tell you, these chicks are a RIOT! But don't take my word for on and get to know the beauty and brains behind RHBB!

Who are the people who make up Red Hatter Book Blog? Brittany Franks, Julia Reed & Ariadna Basulto

Where are you all from? Brittany: I’m from a relatively rural area of Georgia Julia: Shelby, North Carolina Ari: Southern California

How did you get started as a blogger? Brittany: My met my better blogging soul sister, Julia, in Cambria Hebert’s reader group (shoutout to the #Nerds!) where we discovered we were obviously twins separated at birth. After a year of devouring books as a fangirling team we thought it’d be fun to blog together and share our obsessions with the world. About six months after that thought I woke up and decided today’s the day and started a website. I eventually told Julia she was doing this don’t worry lol! Then we thought, what’s better than a duo? A trio! And somehow convinced our dear audio loving friend Ariadna to jump on the crazy train that is any idea from Julia and I. We’re lucky she’s such a brave woman to take us on everyday. Julia: One crazy idea between me and Britt, a late night rambling of "this would be cool". Then a even later night Facebook blog page. Woke up in the morning and it was really happening. We were bringing our unique brand of sarcasm and love for books to life. I do miss our first graphic though, it was awesome and Britt took it away from me lol. FUN FACT: The Red Hatter is named after my love of all things Red Riding Hood, and after Britt's love of all things Alice in Wonderland. After a few months, we asked Ari to join us. Making our duo a trio! Ari: My friend Julia and Brittany had started Red Hatter and wanted to incorporate audiobook reviews. As their audio-addicted friend, they thought I fit the bill so they asked and I said yes! It’s been the best decision I’ve made in a very long time.

What genre(s) do you typically blog about? Brittany: Overall romance. Mostly indie romance if we’re getting specific. We have very few limits on the types of romance that we love and we also all have different tastes in romance. So with Red Hatter you’ll find us gushing about everything from sexy bikers to alien hotties. Julia: All of us do romance and all it's sub-genres. I personally love dark, paranormal, and urban fantasy. Ari: We’re a romance blog, but we read nearly all sub genres that fall under the romance category. We all like different tropes/sub-genres so we cover everything from sexy werewolves to hot billionaires to steamy cowboys and everything in between.

Do you blog full-time, or do you work a day job as well? If you work a day job, what do you do? Brittany: I am a wrangler of chaos top of blogging, but as the blog grows and we come up with more fun ways to support the authors we love and connect with readers who are just as big of fangirls as we are I’m getting busier and busier with the world of Red Hatter. Julia: I blog full time. I read full time. I take care of four moody kids full time. I also take care of my husband whom I call Cap'n Douche full time. He can be giant toddler most days. I also provide the foods, the rides, the signatures, whatever else these crazy 5 decide I need to do. Ari: No. I’m a full time mom and consumer of coffee. My 3 kiddos, husband, and keeping up with the blog get most of my time.

What’s like working with each other? Brittany: I get to work with my best friends everyday. While at times things get a bit insane, after all the Hatters are mad you know, we power through pretty much everything as a team. I know I couldn’t do half of what I do if I didn’t have Julia and Ari at my back. Julia: I love working with Britt, she's my baby sister cousin. (Read Alanea Alder to get reference) Me and Britt share a brain most days. Britt is the peanut butter to my jelly. I love working with Ari, she's my taco fairy. She helps me a lot when I'm in a stump on a review or trying my hand at graphics. These ladies are the bestest! Ari: I work with my two book besties. It never feels like work with them.

What’s your favorite part about being a blogger? Brittany: Aside from having the ability to gush about book boyfriends with no limit? The indie book community. I have met so many incredible people and made so many friendships that will last a lifetime since we started blogging. Even with ups and downs there’s not a better more supportive or uplifting community in the world. Julia: Getting access to so many amazingly awesome authors and sharing their books. I love forcing the books I love down everyone's throat lol just kidding. Sorta. Ari: Working with my friends daily and getting to know so many amazing authors. The romance community as whole is pretty amazing to be a part of.

If you could live inside any one book you’ve reviewed/featured, which would it be and why? Brittany: Ok, ok, look. I can’t do one. I gotta have a book per mood. And I got moods for days! Stumbling Into Him by Molly O’Hare. Mostly because of the dog, Waffles. Secondly because that book is my happy place and who wouldn’t want to live in their happy place? The entire Beach Squad Series by Marika Ray because the supportive sisterhood she built in that series is life! And Unbreakable by Sandy Alvarez & Crystal Daniels because Jake. Nuff said. Julia: That's actually two books. I can't choose between them. Natalie Bennett's Badlands Series. Why? Because I want to be as crazy and awesome as Cali. I think I'd survive their cut-throat world. The second would be The Others Series by Anne Bishop. Why? She created such an amazing world that pulls you in and makes you wish that it was real. Plus I love the idea of animals shape shifting to look human. Ari: I’d live in Christina Lauren’s Beuatiful Series world. I’m utterly and completely in love with Will Sumner from Beautiful Player.

Pick an author you’ve reviewed/featured...who is it and what is the one question you would ask them? Brittany: Oh gosh. That’s hard. One, I super suck at questions and it takes me forever to think of good ones. Just ask Julia and Ari. I’d probably ask Lani Lynn Vale what it’s like to be that awesome. Julia: Natalie Bennett. Can I be your best friend?

You’re setting up the new office for your blog’s headquarters….tell us what it would look like and what cool features you’d add. Brittany: I really hope Julia and Ari answer this because it’ll give you a great look at the chaos that is us. If I had my way we’d be in a Tardis with the eleventh Doctor surrounded in puppies and with unlimited supplies of tacos while we worked. Julia: It'd look like a library. I'd add bean bag chairs and ban all "regular" chairs. I'd have a robot that did everything so all I had to do was lay there and read. I wanna be lazy lol Ari: I’m not really sure exactly. All I know is that there would be a Sundrop soda machine for Julia, mountains of coffee for Brittany and myself, snacks, really comfy furniture to read on, and art involving books, unicorns, cats and the word FUCK.

You and your blog partner/team are arrested. Using only 5 words, what do you say to each other? Brittany: Never listen to Julia’s ideas. Julia: I didn't mean to, sorry. Ari: They’ll never find the body.

You win the lottery, and you are celebrating with your blog partner/team. How are you all celebrating? Brittany: Tacos. Lots and lots of tacos are being consumed. Julia: I'm taking my bishes to the beach. No kids, no men, just books and bishes.

Describe each member of your blog team with one word. Brittany: Julia- Badass, Ari-Adorable Julia: Britt- Laotong, Ari- Bubbly Ari: Julia: Unicorn, Brittany: Genius, Me: Chihuahua

Thanks so much to Brittany, Julia and Ari for letting me be nosy! ;) Readers, be sure to follow Red Hatter Book Blog on Facebook and check out their website! And if you really want to get into some shenanigans with them, join their group!

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