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Also in this series:
Small Town Hearts - Book 4

She’d married her high school sweetheart at a young age, and thought they would have the happily ever after she’d always dreamed of.  But a tragic accident would shatter those dreams.


Now, years after her husband’s sudden death, her world revolves around her daughters. She has a job she loves and life-long friends who are more like sisters. She has learned to be content in her life.  


There was no way for her to know there is a man who would upset the balance she has so carefully created. One who would make her feel all the things she’d forgotten she could feel. A man who pined for her, but has his own issues and past to overcome.


Can Bethany allow herself to let go of the past, and the guilt she feels at the thought of moving on with her life? Will her children - and her heart - allow her to embrace a new future? Or is she headed for heartbreak once more?

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