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Review: The Choice by Nora Roberts

Anyone who knows me knows that Nora Roberts is my go-to author when I want to get lost in a story. I have dozens of her books on my shelf (not even exaggerating) and I re-read her books all the time. I've gone through the In Death series (by her alter ego pseudonym JD Robb) twice.

I guess you could say I'm a pretty big fan. ;)

What I'm not usually a big fan of is fantasy. There are exceptions, while rare, but the Dragon Heart Legacy is one of them. And I think the fact I listened to them all in audiobook form helped tremendously.

Barrie Kreinik did a wonderful job in narrating this series and bringing the characters to life, making sure to give them each their own personality. And then there's the story.


I enjoyed seeing Breen come into her own, to leave behind a life that made her miserable. Seriously, her mom makes me want to smack her in her perfect face. And don't get me started on Marco's mom. Ugh.

And since we're talking about people I shouldn't rant about... Shanna. Spoiled, evil little twit. Glad to see she got what was coming to her. Even if I didn't see the way of it coming.

Anyway. Moving on.

I gave this 4.5 stars for a couple of reasons. One (and this is the big one) is the fact we had to say goodbye to Cedric. I get that the characters are literally battling in war, but Cedric? *sad face* Poor Marg. But the way she uses her grief and rage is righteous and a good way to move the story along. I just hate that Cedric had to be sacrificed to do it.

The other reason I knocked off half a start is the fact that there were some parts of the book that seemed to move too slowly for me. I caught myself losing concentration in parts because there wasn't much going on (or so it seemed to me).

And then there was the ending, which in no way contributed to the half-star. Can we talk about how Keegan proposed? Like Breen, I thought earrings were just earrings. And the way Keegan got frustrated (in true Keegan fashion) when Breen didn't understand their meaning and he had to explain the Talamh tradition? I enjoyed it because it wasn't the typical "here's a big shiny ring, marry me" moment (though I do love those as well). But the situation was just so perfectly Keegan and Breen.

Speaking of proposals, Marco and Brian? *swoon*

Okay, before I give anything else away, if you haven't read/listened to this series yet, I recommend it. You get the chance to get lost in Ireland and magicks, meet family and friends, and see light battle dark. All while watching romance bloom.


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