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My Top 3 Ways to Get Discounted (or Free) eBooks

Times are hard and it feels like everything is expensive. But that shouldn't keep you from getting new romance books for your TBR!

As a librarian, I'm a big advocate for supporting your local libraries. Many libraries (including my own) not only offer checkouts of physical materials with a library card in good standing, but they also partner with companies like Hoopla or Libby to allow patrons to check out electronic materials using their library cards.

But there's just something about owning a book, right? Well, let me take you through a list of five places where you can find tons of free or heavily discounted books that won't break the bank!

  1. Book rec sites There are so many different book rec sites that you can visit to find free reads! Some of my favorites are Great Books, Great Deals and--maybe my top favorite--Full Hearts Romance. Full Hearts shows deals and steals, as they call them, for everything from clean romance to super steamy. You can scroll through their main discounted page or go right to a list with your preferred heat level!

  2. Author newsletters Some people aren't big fans of newsletters. And I get it...who wants their inbox stuffed with newsletters all the time? But, here's the thing. Authors (like myself) do newsletter swaps where we offer our (usually free) books to the other author's list. I do a "New month, New Books for your TBR" newsletter once a month, which consists mainly of discounted or free titles. Oftentimes, there are small group promos in there, too. Which means you can find even more free reads! So, maybe create an email address just for newsletters so you don't miss a good freebie? :)

  3. Special Promotions If you follow many romance authors at all, you may see every so often that they are part of a promotion where they team up with other authors to offer a day of free books. One of these promotions (which I love participating in!) is the Romance Book Worms event. This special promotion only happens for one day, four times a year! To share it with their readers, participating authors blast it out on their social media and in their newsletters. There are literally hundreds of books in this promotion and they are all FREE (this last one had 1.3k books)! I try to join every time it's offered, so if you want to make sure you see it next time, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter or follow my social media so you can catch the event next time it's taking place!


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