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Interview with Dalton Taylor & Jayde Kincaid

Allie McCabe is back in an interview with Dalton Taylor, one of Gatlinburg's most popular scenic photographers, and Jayde Kincaide, the woman who is helping to build his career. Join them as they talk about love, life, and the work that brought them together.

AM: Hi, guys! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us and let the readers know what’s happening with the two of you.

DT: Happy to be here.

JK: Thanks for having us!

AM: Let's start, for those who don't know, with how the two of you met.

DT: I flirted with her at the wedding of a mutual friend.

JK: He tried to flirt with me. (laughs)

DT: Here we go...

AM: What do you mean he 'tried', Jayde?

JK: (grinning and side-eyeing DT) Let's just say his flirting game wasn't up to par.

AM: You're hanging your head, Dalton.

DT: Yeah, I'm never gonna live it down.

AM: So, if I'm understanding right, it wasn't exactly love at first sight for you guys.

JK: Understatement of the year (laughs). I thought he came across as a cocky playboy type.

DT: And I thought she was prickly and rude. (laughs). We were both right on some level.

AM: So, if you both thought these things about each other, how in the world did you end up together?

DT: I wore her down.

JK: He's not kidding. (Laughs) And, once he did, we both realized the person the other saw was not who we really are. (shrugging) Once we got to know each other, we realized we had a lot more in common than we thought. It just kind of works.

AM: Now, you both work for Charlotte Montgomery at The Gallery. That must be exciting!

DT: I don't really work at The Gallery, as in on the regular payroll. But I do spend a lot of time there, with the showing and all. Well, that and popping in to see Jayde when I can.

JK: I am on the payroll and I love the job. There's always something new to see or learn. And I actually get to know the clients that come in, unlike when I was waitressing.

AM: You were a waitress before The Galley?

JK: Yeah. It paid the bills, but I really wasn't happy with it.

AM: Dalton, you're just the opposite in your love for your chosen path. I hear the first showing of your photographs did very well.

DT: Yeah, it went great! Kind of blew my mind how many people showed up at The Gallery for the opening. I owe the vast majority of that to Charlotte and Jayde. They worked their butts off to make that night a success.

AM: I'd say they did a great job because your photographs were the talk of the town. Speaking of which, Jayde, I understand you're a photographer as well?

JK: I dabble a little here and there. I'm nowhere near the level of Dalton's work though.

DT: Don't let her fool you. I've seen her work. She's got a great eye and is developing her own style. Don't be surprised if you hear she has her own showing at The Gallery sometime in the near future.

AM: That's so sweet! And, it leads to my final question. What's in the plans for the future for the two of you?

JK: We're in the process of moving in together.

AM: Really? That's great!

DT: And we're taking a trip to visit my mom at Thanksgiving, so we're looking forward to that.

AM: Moving in together and an out-of-town trip. Big steps. Any other big steps on the horizon? Maybe one that includes a ring.

JK: Maybe somewhere down the road. We're both very happy with how things are right now.

DT: Absolutely. We're not rushing anything and enjoying just being together.

AM: You guys are just too cute. Well, I hope you both have continued happiness and success. Thank you for sitting down with me today.

DT: Thanks, Allie. It's been our pleasure.

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