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A Plane Ticket to Anywhere

I love to travel. I love seeing other places, experiencing their culture, trying their food, learning their history. I did a lot of this when I was stationed overseas. When we knew there was a four-day weekend coming up, our little group of friends would get together, decide on a place, and put in our leave requests. I got to see a lot of places this way.

Now, it seems, my oldest daughter has inherited her mother's travel bug.

Back in May, she did a tour with the college humanities class and she went to two places I really wanted to visit (but didn't get to) during my time overseas: Italy and Greece. She was gone for about two weeks and tortured her poor mama with pictures (okay, I loved but still. Way to rub it in!). She had a great time and came back exhausted but full of stories. And I haven't even seen all the pictures yet (two months later)!

Speaking of pictures, she's allowed me to share some of them with you! I think this first one is my favorite out of this batch she's sent me!

If you've enjoyed these pics, let me know in the comments which one was your favorite! and be sure to give my girl some love over on Instagram! :)


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