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Me+You Author Interview: J.L. Leslie

Freeing Fenley by J.L. Leslie I am a perfectionist. My parents will not allow anything less of me. I will not allow anything less of myself. I follow the rules and I never break them. I strive to accomplish my goals and, for me, failure is not an option. I can handle a playboy surfer. His smiles do not charm me. His touches do not warm my skin. His words do not make me forget my promises. I did not see Brigham King coming. He is my client. I never mix business with pleasure…especially when my job is on the line. “I want to make you live, Fenley. I want to make you come alive.”

* Freeing Fenley contains adult language, adult content, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature readers only.*

1) What is your favorite genre to write?

Contemporary Romance & MC Romance 2) Do you believe in love at first sight?

No, I believe in lust at first sight 3) What is your favorite body of water?

I live near the beach sooo…the Gulf is closest to me. I suppose I will have to with that. 4) Have you experienced a summer romance?

Yes, I live in the south so it feels like summer almost year round! 5) What one thing always reminds you of summer?

Baseball 6) Favorite color?

purple 7) Favorite ice cream flavor?

vanilla 8) Favorite summer romance movie?

Dirty Dancing 9) What is your favorite season/month?

Spring/June 10) Describe one scene you cut from your final story?

I didn’t cut anything, but I did a complete re-write though after sending to my betas and added the male POV.

11) What is one thing you cannot write without?

Well, my computer. 12) Do you prefer plotting or allowing the characters to drive the story?

A little bit of both. 13) What is your favorite scene from this story?

The waterfall scene. 14) Which author in this set are you most excited to read?

All of them, but I have worked with Jade Royal on other projects so I am anxious to read her story! 15) What is your favorite word?

I definitely over use “just” in my stories so I have been watching that. As for my favorite word in this story, I love my male’s name…Brigham. 16) Describe your perfect sand castle.

I cannot build sand castles so I cannot make a perfect sand castle!

17) What is your favorite water activity (swimming, surfing, skiing, tanning ect.)?

Lying on a float in the pool, soaking up the sun! 18) What other projects are you working on?

I just finished writing Katy’s Choice (A Ravens MC Novel: Book Three). I am working on Changing Caleb (Hearts of Hollis: Book Three) which is a co-write with Nicole Dykes. I am participating in another anthology, Branches of Healing: Tales of Unsung Heroes, which will be releasing this summer as well, and am also participating in The Collective: Season Two, releasing this year too! 19) Which is more romantic, sunrise or sunset?


20) What is your favorite mythological water creature (mermaid, siren, nymph, ect.)?

Mermaid- they are so beautiful!

Me+You: Summer Romance Anthology will be releasing June 14, 2018. To get to know more of the authors, and to get updates on the book, please join our Facebook group.

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