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Turning the Tables: Amazeballs Book Addicts

Starting a little something fun here called Turning the Tables, where I interview bloggers (instead of the other way around!). It's something I'm going to try to do once a month, to help shine a light on blogs and bloggers who are making a difference in the indie author world.

This month's blog is the awesome Amazeballs Book Addicts. Tabitha and Gia, the blog's owners, rock when it comes to supporting pretty much anything book related! Be sure to go show them some love on their Facebook page or their website!

Now, let's get down to the interview and see what these ladies have to say!

Where are you from? Tabitha- North GA

Gia - Rhode Island

Tell us a little bit about yourself (married, kids, hobbies, etc). Tabitha- I am married. I have a 20 year old daughter in college and a 17 year old son finishing his junior year of high school this month. I started homeschooling them when my daughter was in 6th and son in 3rd grade. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2006 but it does not define my life. I love reading (obviously..hahaha) and I’m not ashamed to say I’m a tv junkie when I have time anyway.

Gia - I have four kids. They range from 12 to 19. My oldest is about to make me a grandma. I love reading. Besides reading I enjoy hiking and geocaching. Last year I was looking for something to get the family away from the computers and stumbled on geocaching and it turned out we all loved. When I go to author signing events I pick up small swag that the authors have and use it to put in the caches when we find them. I also like to watch Family Feud and the Investigation Discovery channel. Oh I almost forget my animals babies we have 2 dogs (Mo and Bruno), 2 cats (Callie and Bella), a gerbil (Jerry), and a bearded dragon (Cannoli). Mo’s a rescue dog and was photographed for a book about rescue dog.

How did you get started as a blogger? Tabitha- That’s actually a funny story. I became a member of Lisa Renee Jones’s street team and started a blog to help promote her after hearing so many talking about it in there. And then was introduced to TK Leigh and became a part of her team. I quickly learned I had no clue what I was doing so I posted in her group about maybe getting a partner and that is where Gia and I met. We definitely had a learning curve but finally found our groove. Although admittedly, Gia is the one that keeps this blog going. She is a godsend and this blog literally couldn’t run without her.

Gia - I was seeing signs up for tours and stuff on Facebook and could sign up because I didn’t have a blog. I was debating starting my own blog when I meet Tabitha in TK Leigh's fan group. She was asking a question about blogging and I commented that I was thinking of starting a blog and then boom we joined forces.

What genre(s) do you typically blog about? Tabitha- We each read different ones but my favorites are romantic suspense, romance comedy, contemporary romance, erotica, and sometimes just an all around sweet, feel good book.

Do you blog full-time, or do you work a day job as well? If you work a day job, what do you do? Tabitha- I am a homeschool mom, and being a stay at home mom that also makes me a chef, maid, driver, etc, etc, etc. That list could go one forever. HAHAHA

Gia - We blog about all book. For reviews I probably review more Romance and new adult book then other genre.

Do you blog full-time, or do you work a day job as well? If you work a day job, what do you do? Tabitha- I am a homeschool mom, and being a stay at home mom that also makes me a chef, maid, driver, etc, etc, etc. That list could go one forever. HAHAHA

Gia - When we started I was working two jobs and blogging but now I just blog. Not sure how I ever balanced it all before.

If you work with a partner/team on your blog, what’s like working with each other? Tabitha- As I said above, Gia, who is the BEST partner in the world, is my partner, but truly she is the reason this blog keeps going.

Gia - Tabitha and I work together. I think we are a perfect match. We bounce things of each other and it’s great to have a partner.

What’s your favorite part about being a blogger? Tabitha- “Meeting” and talking to so many authors. I love the indie community and love discovering new authors. Gia - OMG, everything. I don’t have a favorite part. It’s all great.

If you could live inside any one book you’ve reviewed/featured, which would it be and why? Tabitha- Oh man that is a really tough question because I have read so many great books that I could absolutely live in, but I am literally in love with AD Justice’s Steele Security series and no way I could pick just one from that series so I choose all of them (LOL) and as to why? Well, to some it up the best I can and say there is some really hot, sexy alpha men and their badass women and some serious suspense and bad guys that really need to have their butt’s kicked. Gia - Any one of three books in Michelle Mankin’s Rock Stars, Surf and Second Chances series. Ocean Beach seems like it would be a great place to live. And hanging out with her characters from the series would be fun.

You win the lottery, and you are celebrating with your blog partner/team. How are you all celebrating? Tabitha- We are going on a very long beach vacation for sure for starters and second we are going to go to every book signing possible all over the country.

Gia- Ok, so me and Tabitha have been blogging together for almost five years and we haven’t met each other in person. So we would definitely meet and go celebrate by going to a book signing together and probably buy tons of books.

Describe each member of your blog team with one word. Tabitha- Amazeballs!!!

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