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Me+You Author Interview: H.C. Bentley

Take Me Home by H.C. Bentley Charlotte Bedford left her sleepy little hometown in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains to make a name for herself as a fashion photographer in the Big Apple. But her life in New York begins to take its toll, and she finds herself longing to return to her southern roots in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. What she doesn’t know is the only man she ever really loved had never left. Landon Montgomery was a southern boy, born and raised. And as much as he’d loved Charlotte, he’d had no desire to follow her to the big city. Instead, he stayed behind to help run his family’s business. When Charlotte returns home, he knows they have to reconcile their past if they are to have a future. The aftermath of a family emergency makes them realize they were meant to be together, but is it already too late?

1) What is your favorite genre to write? Romance, of course! I'm dabbling in multiple sub-genres (contemporary, comedy, suspense) and I'm having a blast with all of them. 2) Do you believe in love at first sight? Not really. I think you have to get to know someone to truly love them. Now, lust at first sight? Definitely. :) 3) What is your favorite body of water? The lake at my grandmother's house would have to be it. There are so many memories tied up in the water off that pier. 4) What one thing always reminds you of summer? Bonfires. Once the night air sets in, I love to sit around a bonfire with friends and drinks, maybe some s'mores. It's a great way to just unplug and unwind. 5) Favorite color? Not sure I have a particular favorite, but I tend to lean towards earth tones, blues, and grays. 6) Favorite ice cream flavor? Back when I could eat ice cream, it was mint chocolate chip or straight chocolate. 7) What is your favorite season/month? I'm a spring/fall girl. The colors, the perfect all makes me happy. :) 8) Describe one scene you cut from your final story? Proud to say.... there isn't one! 9) What is one thing you cannot write without? Two things I have to have to feel comfortable to write are my rain app and a bottle of my water. I don't feel settled to I have at least those two things. 10) Do you prefer plotting or allowing the characters to drive the story? I'm a plotter. I do outlines, character profiles, etc to give myself a road map for where I want my story to go. 11) What is your favorite word? I don't know about favorite, but I say shit. A lot. lol It's usually the first thing I say if I've screwed something up, and depending on how things go from there, the air might get a little more blue! Ha! 12) Describe your perfect sand castle. someone else makes? lol I'm not a beach person... I prefer the mountains.

13) What is your favorite water activity (swimming, surfing, skiing, tanning ect.)? I love to swim. During summer vacations growing up, I'd go and stay with my Mema for a few weeks. She lived on a lake and every day I could manage, I'd swim across the lake and back again (and this was no small lake). It usually took me the better part of 45 minutes to swim over and back again. If I tried to do that now, I'd probably drown! lol 14) What other projects are you working on? I'm keeping pretty busy. I'm working on a romantic suspense novel, which is set to come out in November. I have several other anthologies in various stages to finish between now and mid-2019, along with other books in the planning stages. 15) Which is more romantic, sunrise or sunset? Sunset. I am SO not a morning person!

Me+You: Summer Romance Anthology will be releasing June 14, 2018. To get to know more of the authors, and to get updates on the book, please join our Facebook group.

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