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Me+You Author Interview: YM Zachary

Contiki Dreaming by Yvette Pratt You can find love anywhere. You just have to look. Aviana had always dreamed of being a travel journalist, she could just imagine creating and running her own travel blog, documenting all of the wonderful places that she visited in the world. But the older she gets, the further away that dream seems to be, until one day, with a little help from her Mum, Aviana finds herself booking a world Contiki Tour. Aviana is excited to start her world adventure and as she travels from city to city she blogs about the sights and experiences she is having. Along the way she makes new friends, creates memories and starts to find herself for the first time in her life. But what Aviana wasn’t expecting to find was love, that was until she meets Logan Jackson.

An Interview with Yvette 1) What is your favorite genre to write? Historical and mythical Romance. 2) Do you believe in love at first sight? With all my heart. 3) What is your favorite body of water? Ocean 4) Have you experienced a summer romance? Yes, Summer was when I meet my husband of 23 years. 5) What one thing always reminds you of summer? The smell of rain on hot bitumen 6) Favorite color? Deep Forest Green 7) Favorite ice cream flavor? Love Potion (White chocolate and raspberry ice creams swirled with a raspberry ribbon and loaded with raspberry-filled dark chocolate hearts and chocolate chips.)

8) Favorite summer romance movie? Grease. 9) What is your favorite season/month? Winter is my Favorite Season and October, my Month. 10) What is one thing you cannot write without? Quiet and my notes. 11) Do you prefer plotting or allowing the characters to drive the story? Always Plotting, I cannot write if I don’t have a clear plot set out for my storylines. Sometimes my characters will add their own sections and change the plot slightly, but they still end up where I wanted them for the final journey.

12) What is your favorite scene from this story? The scene where they first meet. 13) Which author in this set are you most excited to read? Alyssa Drake 14) What is your favorite word? Parallelogram and Plumb Bob. 15) Describe your perfect sand castle. My perfect Sand castle is a simple castle made with buckets and sand, with a tunnel dug out underneath. Its is magical when digging out the tunnel and your hands meet that of your crush or sweetheart. 16) What is your favorite water activity (swimming, surfing, skiing, tanning ect.)? Swimming. 17) What other projects are you working on? A Few anthologies, the first book in my Demi God Series and the last book in my Moment in Time Series.

18) Which is more romantic, sunrise or sunset? Sunset

Me+You: Summer Romance Anthology will be releasing June 2018. To get to know more of the authors, and to get updates on the book, please join our Facebook group.

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