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Red Letter Day!

Today was a big day for me. And for my books.

Let me explain.

Once I had a couple titles under my belt, I made a list of goals I wanted to achieve. A wish list for my work, you could say. Today, one of the items on the wish list became a reality.

This morning, I met with the lovely Bobbie Forker, manager of a popular local bookstore. She was so welcoming, so supportive and enthusiastic about local authors. And she decided to take a chance on a romance author from a small town in Kentucky.

I'm SO excited to announce that I've teamed up with Readmore Book-N-Card in the Parkway Plaza Mall in Madisonville, Ky! The Small Town Hearts books are now available there, as will be future works, and we're in talks for a book signing later this year.

So, if you're local to me, be sure to stop in and take a look around Bobbie's store. She's got a great selection of not only books by local authors, but other fiction and non-fiction works as well. Not to mention some pretty cute Kentucky-themed items, t-shirts, gift items and more, which may or may not find themselves in a giveaway during my next big event. ;) Oh, and be sure to give her Facebook page some love too!

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