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The Life of a Book Nerd

I spend my days surrounded by books. Books I work with, books I read, and books I write.

And most nights, books tend to sneak into my dreams.

You see, I not only work in a library but I’m an author as well. By day, I work as a cataloger for my local library. My primary duty is to label the new books and items coming in for circulation, but I also work with patrons and I lead our library’s book club. In my off time, I’m writing or promoting my work or doing something author-related.

My brain seems to be in constant book mode. And I’m okay with that.

When I’m not working, writing or spending time with my family, I tend to be reading. My personal library is full of eclectic choices, ranging from the classic writers such as Charles Dickens to more modern authors like Nora Roberts, who happens to be my personal favorite. I love her writing to the point that I have multiple shelves dedicated to copies her work. She is the author who most inspired me to start writing again.

I say again because I began writing as a young teen. I had a teacher who saw something in me and helped me nurture my love for writing. But, as I got older and time became more about friends, writing fell by the wayside. And there it stayed…for more than two decades. Until the stories in my head could not be pushed aside, but rather demanded to be told. One story in particular poked at my brain, and that story is my debut novel.

Now I’ve got other stories waiting to be told, nagging at me until I give them a voice. Which means I’ll have plenty to write about. In fact, I've got the bare bones ideas for my next four books already in my notebook.

It’s a pretty great feeling. :)

Till next time,


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