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A little getaway...

Took some much needed time out of the busy daily grind for an extended weekend mini family vacation. One of my cousins got married, and the kids were on Fall Break, so we decided to make the most of the trip (especially since it was a 5-ish hour drive). Driving back to Mississippi, where I lived until I was twelve, was not bad. Quiet, in fact, since we drove down during the day on Friday. That, and the girls had plenty keep them occupied during the ride (I never once heard 'are we there yet?'. Color me impressed.). I have to give major kudos to my husband for being our driver, and navigating the sometimes confusing roads!

The wedding reception was fun, and it was great catching up with family I hadn't seen in a while, as well as meeting with the newest members. Some parts of the reception were more fun than others, due to the bad influence of a certain older cousin. And an uncle who cut a rug with the younger guys like it was nothing. But I won't go into any details (since they're a little blurry anyway) and I won't name any names. ;)

Our excursion to the Memphis Zoo was the highlight of our trip. Getting there was a little tricky, but once we made it, the aggravation was well worth it. I hadn't been to this zoo in nearly 25 years, so it was fun getting to see it all again, and everything that had changed. We met up with my sister and brother-in-law for the first part of the zoo, some extended family for the rest (the newlyweds, and his sisters and family). We all had a blast, especially the kids, so that made the drive (and all the walking) worth every second.

The zoo was also the first time I'd really picked up my camera since closing my studio a few months ago. I was a little rusty, but felt I got some pretty decent shots while I was there (even some of the ones taken through glass!). Here are few of my favorites for you to enjoy!

Till next time,


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