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Finding the Balance

Life is busy, especially if you're a parent. And finding the balance of home, work, and pursuing the dreams you have can be difficult.

My life is no different.

I have a husband. A home that needs to be seen to. A job that requires 5 days of my week. And most importantly, I have two daughters who are growing up fast (one's a teenager, and the other is pretty close to being one) and they need Mom's attention.

So, how do I find my balance?

To be honest, there are days I don't. My kids will have some fuction or activity to go to. My house, at any given time, is likely to look like some sort of natural disaster hit it. There are days where work gets the best of me, and I'm just to tired to do much of anything. It may be a much needed date night with the hubby.

You may wonder, if you have so much going on, when do you find time to write?

For me, it's not a matter of finding time, it's a matter of making time. Writing, and ultimately getting published, matters to me. So, I want to see it through. When do I work on my writing? Early in the morning, after the kids have gone to school and before I go to work. At night, after the kids have gone to bed (it's not uncommon for me to look over at the clock and be shocked to see 3-4 hours have passed). If there's significant downtime at work, I'll jot down ideas or paragraphs, plan or plot chapters. Working on the laptop while sitting at the laundromat, waiting for laundry to finish. In my car while I wait to pick up a kid of mine from an after school activity.

My point is this: if you want something, you have to be willing to work for it. Whenever, wherever possible. Is it overwhelming at times? Yes. Is it worth the crazy factor? Absolutely.

So if you know me, and see me sitting somewhere odd, muttering to myself while scribbling or typing furiously, this is nothing new. I'm just finding the time and writing. :)

Till next time,


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