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Rumor had it that there was magic in the air in Enchantment, South Carolina. And that if you stayed long enough, wished hard enough, any dream could come true.

* * *

The books of the Enchantment series are sweet romance.

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Ella Hazelwood desperately needed her wish to be granted. A large New York City company had their sights set on buying her shop, despite her objections. She just wanted them to leave her and the custom shoe shop she loved, The Glass Slipper, alone. But they won't take no for an answer. They even go so far as to send someone to harass her in person.

Hank Morgan was big city, right down to the tips of his expensive dress shoes. Convinced he'd only be in small-town Enchantment for a couple of days, he does his best to do his job, convince Ella to sell her shop, and get back to where he belongs. But he finds himself falling for not only a pretty shop owner, but for town of Enchantment as well.

Available in: eBook

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