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The Bedfords - Book 2

Charlotte Bedford left her sleepy little hometown in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains to make a name for herself as a fashion photographer in the Big Apple. She craved success and independence, but most of all she wanted to be in a place where she wasn't known as the Bedford girl or Landon Montgomery's girlfriend. But her life in New York begins to take its toll, and she finds herself longing to return to her southern roots in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. What she doesn't know is the one man she ever really loved had never left.


Landon Montgomery was a southern boy, born and raised. And as much as he'd loved Charlotte, he'd had no desire to follow her to the big city, instead he’d stayed behind to help run his family's business. When Charlotte returns home, he knows they have to reconcile their past if they are to have a future. The aftermath of a family emergency makes them realize they were meant to be together, but is it already too late?

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