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From H.C.'s Kitchen: Crockpot Potato Soup

As soon as the weather turns cool, it’s my time to shine in the kitchen. I’m not good with coming up with meal ideas for the hotter summer months, but give me fall or winter and I’m on my A-game. And the easier the recipe, the better, because my house runs on chaos these days. None of us are on the same schedule anymore and there are plenty of times where we don’t even eat at the same time. My daughters are in college classes and working, my husband works full time, and I also work outside the house. With a full time job, writing, and (depending on the time of year) college classes for myself for work, I rarely feel like throwing together a full fledged meal during the week.

My crockpot (aptly named Big Bertha) is my BFF on crazy busy weeknights.

One of our favorite things to have during the colder months is potato soup. I found one on TikTok that I adapted for us that's quickly become a favorite. This recipe can’t get any easier. Seriously, the hardest part is cutting up the cream cheese.

This recipe can feed 4-6 people with plenty of chances for second helpings! Add some crusty bread or dinner rolls with butter and you've got a winning combo.


List of Ingredients

  • 1 bag O'brien style diced potatoes (the kind with peppers and onions included)

  • 1 can cream of chicken soup

  • 1 box of chicken stock (or 4 cups of homemade stock if you prefer)

  • 1 block of cream cheese, softened and cubed

  • 1 chicken bouillon cube

  • real bacon pieces or crumbles (I use the Walmart 2.5oz pkg for convenience but you can measure with your heart)

  • shredded cheese of your choice (I use a Colby Jack mix). I add a large handful but you can do more or less

Optional substitutions for bacon:

1 pkg of smoked sausage, cut up into bite sized pieces OR ham chunks/shreds

Dump everything into the crockpot, give it a good stir, and let it go on low for about 4 hours. You'll want to give it a stir every so often to break up the cream cheese as it melts.


This recipe is perfect for this time of year because while you’re busy wrapping presents and baking cookies, dinner is taking care of itself. Multitasking at its finest. :)

If you try this recipe, be sure to come back and let me know what you think in the comments (along with any changes you tried and loved)!


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