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She's trying to make me the crazy cat lady.

Yes, you read the subject line right. My neighbor is set on making me the crazy cat lady. Here's why...

I have two cats, Lucy and Bandit (in a rare photo of them together below). They were both adoptions/rescues and are strictly indoor felines (feel free to read that as spoiled). However, my neighbor has a slew of outdoor cats. The last count was eight adults, and at least three of them have had babies. One of these baby mamas has decided we're her people. If we take them back, she returns them. If the other neighbor gathers them up and settles them in a safe place, mama brings her kittens back to our door. Literally. All five of them. Right there by the door.

Don't get me wrong, they're SUPER cute and cuddly. But it makes getting out the door in the mornings a challenge, as we try not to step on them. And pulling into the driveway difficult at times, as mama likes to lay in the middle of it to feed them. And she has this 'come at me, bro' look until the very last moment as the car approaches.

But, seriously, are these babies not the cutest?!? You want to adopt one, right? RIGHT? lol

In book news, today's the cover reveal for Mississippi Heat! :D I'm pretty excited about this book and I can't wait to start sharing excerpts and teasers with you!


Cover Reveal for Mississippi Heat!

Teenage girls are disappearing around Tatesville, Mississippi. Among them is Lacey Fuller. But unlike her friends, Claire and Jo, Lacey managed to escape. ​Lacey left for college not long after her ordeal, leaving behind her family and friends. And Brooks, Jo's older brother. When Lacey comes home after a decade away, she and Brooks decide to act on their years-long mutual crush. And to team up against a killer when he starts hunting again. ​Mississippi Heat, a small-town romantic suspense, coming October 2022.


Coming Soon!

Still the One is in line with the editor and should be ready for you by the next edition of this newsletter! This will be a freebie that will only be available to my subscribers, so stay tuned for the release announcement!


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