Mississippi Heat excerpt

Nothing like a mean girl to make a bad situation worse...

Lacey & Jo are trying to figure out what happened to their friend and Ashley just can't seem to help herself. The way I see it, she gets what's coming to her. *shrug*

Mississippi Heat is coming right along (even if this is part of a really rough draft)! If you're interested in being a beta and/or ARC reader when the time comes, let me know!

Mississippi Heat - Releasing October 2022. For more info or to add it to your Goodreads, click here.


“Well, we were just walking by and couldn’t help but overhear your conversation about your little friend.” Ashley’s voice dripped sugar. “It’s such a sad thing, her taking off that way.”

“She didn’t take off.” This time it was Lacey, speaking through gritted teeth. “She wouldn’t.”

“Wouldn’t she?” Studying her nails, Ashley shook back her hair. “I know I would, if I were her.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about.” Rage burning in her chest Lacey stood, her voice rising.

“She flirted with every guy here. Didn’t she, girls?” Ashley looked at each of her friends, got their smiling nods of agreement. “Claire probably just took off with one of them for a little… fun time.”

“You need to shut your mouth and walk away.”

“Why? What are you going to do if I don’t?”

“Well, let’s just say that little nose job you got last summer is going to need some upgrades.”

Gasping, Ashley’s hand shot to her nose as the jaws of each of the girls beside her dropped.

“I did not have a nose job,” she hissed from behind her hand. “And you wouldn’t dare lay a hand on me.”

“Wouldn’t I?” Now Lacey rounded the table to stand toe to toe with the other girl, not caring about the people who were watching to see what happened next. “Keep talking shit about my friend, someone who could be in serious danger or worse, and see if I don’t.” Hot tears welled up in Lacey’s eyes as she glared at Ashley. “You wouldn’t be saying any of this if it was one of your friends.” Lacey gestured to the other two girls. “Or your sister or someone you loved. So, how about instead of being the heartless bitch you usually are, you try for a little common decency, since it’s the best we can hope for?”

The sound from the slap that cracked across Lacey’s cheek was quickly smothered by the collective gasp from onlookers. Lacey heard Jo’s outraged “what the fuck?” just before her friend’s chair scraped back from the table. But before Jo had the chance to come to her best friend’s aid, Lacey reacted by baling up her fist, swinging back, and decking the pert blonde with everything she had.