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HM Shander Welcomes You To Cheshire Bay

Welcome to Cheshire Bay, the Pacific coast’s hidden hideaway.

Nestled in its own little peninsula on the north-western edge of Vancouver Island, a four-hour drive from Victoria, hides the warm and welcoming, fictional, small town of Cheshire Bay.

As you cruise down Main Street, you’ll encounter decorated store fronts with names like Daisy’s Delights, or Whimsical Whims, or the best bookseller on the island – A Whole New World. Stop in and grab a fresh pastry from Sylvia’s Bakery before you truly check out the area but get there early for the best selection (the chocolate braids are to die for!). If you follow the main road right to its end, you’ll discover Lighthouse Pointe; a beautiful sprawling park with an easy walking

trail running along the edge of a rocky cliff that will take you straight out to the working lighthouse. It’s an absolute must see.

Beyond the borders of Cheshire Bay, you’ll find an array of outdoor escapes to enjoy, and don’t forget to pack a picnic basket and blanket, your sweetie will thank you for it. I highly recommend three amazing locales to check out; Glass Beach, where you can watch the Pacific Grey Whales spy hop if the season is right and where you can find your own unique piece of sea glass; or the decommissioned radio tower where the platform gives the most spectacular view of the setting sun; or my personal favourite, Palisade Peak – a lookout you can only arrive at after crossing over the gorge via a suspension bridge, followed by a small, gentle hike to the peak. The view is worth the walk.

However, Cheshire Bay (and area) isn’t just about the breathtaking landscape, it’s about the people. Where there are lots of families, there are also several singles hoping to find that special someone. From realtors to pub owners, to accountants and small business operators, there are a few leading ladies looking for Mr. Right, and the men of Cheshire Bay don’t disappoint. The heroes are sweet, guy-next-door types, who are trying their hardest to be stand-up guys, despite the obstacles thrown in their way. As they do what it takes to win the heart of their true loves, they stumble and they fall, since the road to true happiness is always a winding one, filled with peaks and valleys (much like Cheshire Bay).

I loved building this world so much that it feels real to me. I can envision Main Street, and each of the brick buildings, along with all the romantic locales. Over time, I even created hand-drawn maps of the town and of the surrounding area (available to readers of Return to Cheshire Bay and Christmas in Cheshire Bay). My treasured readers have often commented they wish the town was real, as they’d love to stay at the motel and check it all out. It may be fictional, but you can always travel there with any of the interconnected standalones in the series.

Your first trip to the small town on the edge of the Pacific is a free one. Dreamers in Cheshire Bay features the stars of the later books, as well as providing visitors (aka you, the new reader) a tour of the area. Each story is full of romance, swoony moments to make you sigh, and steamy scenes to warm you up on those chilly winter nights. I hope you’ll come for a visit.

You can hang out with me in my reader group Shander’s Stargazing Romantics, or follow me on Goodreads, BookBub, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Thank you! Much love, H.M. Shander


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