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From The Desk of Jayde Kincaid

Dear Reader,

Jayde here! If we haven't met, my sister is Amy (the one married to the hot firefighter, Colt Bedford). If you've read Feel The Heat, you may remember me. If not, you probably don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about.

Either way, hi!

I'm on my lunch break, sitting at a picnic table and enjoying the view of the mountains. I've lived in Gatlinburg my entire life and the sight of the Smokies never gets old. Anyway, I decided to enjoy this beautiful day in the mountain air and write a letter to catch you up on things around here.

The Sisters are all doing great. Amy is in complete bliss with Colt and Emmy has never been happier. She and Colt are like two peas in a pod. Cori is still at Smoky Mountain Sweets and seems to be married to her work. But, she loves it so we don't mention her single status. Amber, however, is a serial dater when she's not busy helping to manage Montgomery Cabin Rentals (which, funny enough, is owned by the family of Charlotte's husband, Landon). The right guy hasn't stuck for Amber yet but she keeps trying.

Things have certainly started looking up after Clay and Abigail finally decided to put the past where it belongs and admit their feelings for each other. We're all looking forward to the wedding! And by we, I mean me and my sisters, as well. I mean, with my sister married into the Bedford family, all the Kincaid girls are considered family by extension. At least that's what Grace says. And Grace Bedford is what I want to be when I grow up. :)

Speaking of the Bedford clan, Charlotte is glowing and beautiful with her growing baby bump. She says she feels like a whale some days but I'll admit I envy her. She's got a great guy and is starting her family, not to mention the business she loves with The Gallery. If I ever have even half the happiness she does, I'll consider myself extremely blessed.

While we're on the subject of The Gallery, can I just say how much I love working there? I am learning so much and it's great to have a job I look forward to every day (unlike when I was waitressing. Ugh.). The only downside? Dalton Taylor. Sure, he's hot and all. Not to mention talented. He's also a giant pain in my ass. But he's the current golden boy at The Gallery and he's not going anywhere any time soon. I just wish he didn't have the charm and the dimples to go along with the overall hotness. That combo could get me into deep trouble.

And speaking of the devil, here he comes. Better wrap this up and get back to work because I have the nagging feeling he's going to want my undivided attention. Again.

Come visit me at The Gallery sometime. I look forward to showing you around!

PS: You'll be able to find out how this whole thing with Dalton turns out on April 17th, when Capturing Jayde releases on all major retailers!


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