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Me+You Author Interview: Natalia Schellhaas

Love at the Exhibition by Natalia Schellhaas Books and history were their passions, until they met each other.

When Diana Holme’s livelihood is threatened, she comes together with Peter Argent, a local college history instructor in St. Petersburg, Florida, to save not just the only home she has ever loved but also Peter’s passion in life—teaching. Two men are behind the demise of both Diana’s bookstore and Peter’s teaching position, but nothing will come between the Love at the Exhibition.

1) What is your favorite genre to write? I'm not sure I have one, but most of what I write always has elements of romance. So, I suppose it might be my favorite, haha. 2) Do you believe in love at first sight? It may be silly, but yes! I believe love at first sight is possible. 3) What is your favorite body of water? I have never thought about it before. I'm not a huge water person, and it might not count, but if I have to be near the water, I prefer it to be a pool, haha. 4) Have you experienced a summer romance? I have not! When I was in high school, I certainly wanted to. But now that I'm nearing 30, I probably would not want one now. 5) What one thing always reminds you of summer? Florida. Does this count? Whenever I tell people about our seasons here, I tell people it's summer, summer, summer, and two weeks of winter. So... 6) Favorite color? Red! Always has been, always will! 7) Favorite ice cream flavor? Hmm, hard one. I really enjoy Fudge Royal (a mix of vanilla with fudge-y chocolate swirls in it!) 8) Favorite summer romance movie? 100% Mamma Mia! I’m so excited for the sequel, you have no idea! 9) What is your favorite season/month? For season, I would say either fall or winter. It's only slightly less hot here in Florida. One day, I will experience a beautiful fall and winter! 10) Describe one scene you cut from your story? I did not exactly cut anything from my final story, but there were plenty things I wanted to add but did not have the room for, such as Diana meeting with her grandparents at the nursing home and talking to them about Peter and the issues she is having with the bookstore. When I expand the story, that scene along with Peter talking with his sister and his mom about Diana. The most exciting thing would be to have Peter’s mom make him come to their house to discuss his dad’s poor decisions. When you read the story, you’ll know what I mean! 11) What is one thing you cannot write without? My cat. She always keeps me on my toes. 12) Do you prefer plotting or allowing the characters to drive the story? At first, I would have said character driving. But I have come to enjoy plotting better.

13) What is your favorite scene from this story? Peter and Diana’s introduction. Peter is so awkward and I adored it. 14) Which author in this set are you most excited to read? Oh, wow. This is hard. How can I choose just one? I'm excited to see what everyone has come up with. Actually, scratch that, I'm dying to read them all!

15) What is your favorite word? Fantastic? I’m not sure if I have a favorite word! 16) Describe your perfect sand castle. Is there such thing as a perfect sandcastle?? I think Cinderella’s castle made out of sand would be perfect! 17) What is your favorite water activity (swimming, surfing, skiing, tanning ect.)? Swimming. I will admit I am not a huge summer person. Florida summers are the worst. The heat and humidity are painful. But I love swimming! Gimme a cold pool any day! 18) What other projects are you working on? I am currently re-writing my first novel “The Time Thief.” There is also another anthology I am working on called “Branches of Healing: Tales of Unsung Heroes.” It is definitely something you should look out for. All the proceeds of the anthology go to Healing Paws for Warriors which helps set vets up with support animals. There may also be a couple other novels I have swimming around, such as “Paperback Hearts,” and a currently untitled witchy romance novel. 19) Which is more romantic, sunrise or sunset? Definitely sunset. There is just something gorgeous and romantic about seeing the sun set on a beach. 20) What is your favorite mythological water creature (mermaid, siren, nymph, ect.)? Hard choice! Sirens are pretty interesting. Their place in myth and history has been cemented and they've been around for ages. So, sirens!

Me+You: Summer Romance Anthology will be releasing June 14, 2018. To get to know more of the authors, and to get updates on the book, please join our Facebook group.

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