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Three Little Words

There are times where the whole writing thing is overwhelming. Days where I wonder if it’ll ever be what I want it to be, if it’s worth all the time, frustration, and tears. These are the times when three little words cross my mind.

They aren’t ‘I love you’. Or ‘what the hell?’ (though that one crosses my mind, multiple times, daily). They aren’t even a string of the swear words that slip through my lips at any point in a given day. The three little words that could destroy everything are these:

I give up.

When I put everything I have into an idea, and it falls flat, I think these words. If I put my heart and soul into a book, and it seems like nobody cares, I feel these words. Deep down inside of me, they linger to the point where I almost want to act on them.


Maybe it’s because I don’t like to fail. If asked, I’d call myself determined or tenacious. My family would call BS and just term me stubborn or bullheaded. It all amounts to the same thing, whatever the label.

So, what keeps me going? Maybe it’s the stubborn/determined side of me. Friends have lot to do with me continuing to plod along. A big part of it is the feeling something good or big is coming my way, and if I quit now, I’ll never find out what it is.

By now, you’re probably wondering if I’ll get a point. Any point. Well, here it is.

Find the thing that keeps you going.

Whether it’s sheer stubbornness, a friend who believes in you and your talent to the moon and back, or maybe just the curiosity of what’s waiting for you down the line. Find that one thing, hang on tight, and don’t let go. And most of all, don’t let those three little words destroy a dream you’ve worked hard to see to reality. You did something many never will and deserve better for yourself.

You had to courage to start the journey. Stick around and see where it takes you…you could end up pleasantly surprised.

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