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You'd Have Thought It Was Christmas

I received my proof copy of Her Last Love today. Hence, the title of this blog. There were smiles, sighs, and soft strokes to the cover of this, my very first book.

The story behind getting it is kind of funny. When I got the notification earlier this week that it had shipped, I didn't know how it was coming to me. The company uses several options for shipping, but unfortunately they didn't tell me - or send tracking info - when it left the facility. I had it sent to me at work, and thought it would probably come by UPS or FedEx, as 99% of the books that come to the library do.

That's where I messed up.

They shipped it via USPS. I got to thinking about it and decided to call the local post office, just out of curiosity. Sure enough, it was there. In the library post office box. To which I have no key.

I nearly panicked, then went into crisis-solving mode. There was no way that my book - my labor of love - was sitting in a building I could nearly see from work and I couldn't get to it. That I would have to wait days - DAYS - before I coud have it in my hands. So I came up with a plan.

I sent a text message sucking up to my boss, the only person with the PO box key.

Not really. I mean, yes...I sent a text message, but there was no sucking up. Sweet talking maybe, but no sucking up. But I digress.

In the end, my AWESOME boss (that would be sucking up, just to clarify. Though she is pretty great.) stopped by the post office while she was out and brought the book to me at work. It took about five seconds for me to rip it open, and for the smiles, sighing, and stroking to begin.

Yep, it was a pretty good day. And I'm still smiling. :)

Till next time,


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