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Thanks, but no thanks

I received my first rejection from an agent today.

At first, I saw the subject line...a reply to a query I had sent out a couple of weeks ago. I got a little excited. Until I saw the rest of the email.

Thanks so much for writing me about your project. While I think this has potential, I'm sorry to say that it isn't quite right for my list. Please know that I’m so very grateful for the opportunity to consider your work and wish you nothing but the best in your search for representation!

Yes, I'm a little deflated. But I know that the odds of getting a "Yes! I love it! Please let me represent you!" email the first time out are nil.

So, I'll take it in stride, continue sending out my manuscript. And hope that someone else out there thinks it has potential and will maybe take a chance on a first time author. After all, Nora Roberts (my writing idol), JK Rowling, and many other successful authors went through numerous rejections early in their careers, and look where they are now. It gives me hope that it may happen, one day, for me as well.

Till next time,


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