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Episode 1 – Catching Up With Tree Hill


   Tree Hill, North Carolina. The home court of the Tree Hill Ravens. It’s a small town, with all the quirks and familiarities one would expect in such a place. It’s also a town that’s seen its fair share of kidnappings, psychopathic stalkers, and all sorts of relationship issues.

   However, for the kids who grew up on the river court - and their families and friends - it’s simply home.

   A lot has changed since the last visit to Tree Hill. Children have grown up, friends have moved home. New rivalries – and romances - have started. And there are new issues to face.

   Dan Scott wasn’t the only one with the skills to start drama.

   It’s coming on fall in Tree Hill. The leaves are changing, but the river court has stayed just about the same, though the faded lyrics once painstakingly painted there by Peyton Sawyer have long-since been covered. But, the basketball goals and picnic tables are still in place, and the view of the Cape Fear River is as pretty as ever.

   The river court may not have changed much, but then again, neither of have some of the residents.

   Nathan and Haley Scott are still happily married and living in their beautiful home where they have raised Jamie and Lydia. The kids are older now, of course, with Jamie off on his own and Lydia in the throes of high school. Jamie has taken on the roll of Ravens basketball coach and is in love. Lydia is cheerleader, like her mom and aunt before her, and is crushing hard on one of Jamie’s players.

   Nathan continues to work with Clay in building Fortitude.  Their sports agency is bigger and more successful than ever, for now. While Nathan works his magic as a sports agent, Haley is running Karen’s Café. The place is thriving and Haley still sings there once a week. But lately she’s feeling the need for something more. And, she’s missing Lucas more than ever.

   Lucas is missing Haley, too. And, more and more, he’s missing home. He’s been living in L.A. with Peyton and Sawyer for years, but the fast paced worlds of music and movies are starting to take their toll. Not to mention, Sawyer’s getting older and the big city is presenting problems for the teenager. The lure of modeling, with its seedy underbelly of drugs and eating disorders, has sunk its hooks into Sawyer. And her parents are too busy with him to notice.

   Speaking of busy, Brooke and Julian aren’t letting any dust settle around them, either. Davis and Jude are conquering high school and their parents couldn’t be prouder. But what they don’t know is that their boys are being, well, boys. The secrets the twins carry between them could cause a meltdown of epic proportions in the Baker household.

   Meltdowns wouldn’t be restricted to the Baker house. Logan, Clay and Quinn’s oldest son, is good friends with the Baker boys. The things he knows about, and the things he does, could spell trouble – adult size trouble – for Logan. But with Clay busy with Fortitude, and Quinn jetting off on photo assignments, Logan may have to deal with his troubles alone.

   Being alone is something Chase Adams has become very familiar with over the years. He’s had a number of women enter and leave his life, but none of them have been ‘the one’. So, he’s poured himself into pouring drinks at Tric and running the bar Karen had offered to him. That is, until a mysterious and beautiful stranger shows up looking for something…or someone.

   Looking for someone is no longer an issue for Skills Taylor. After reconnecting with his high school sweetheart, Bevin, the couple has settled down into married life in Tree Hill. But things are not as rosy as they seem from the outside looking in. There are those who don’t approve of their relationship or their plans for the future.

   The resident bachelors of Tree Hill are still single and immature. Junk and Fergie are still roommates, eating pizza and playing video games. The only difference is, they have another guy living in the house now. Chris Keller, in all of his third-person speaking glory, is shaking things up once again. Will these guys ever find their special someone? Only time will tell.

   Mouth and Millie are still going strong. They work to balance raising kids and demanding careers, with Millie being a television producer and Mouth running the Scott Edwards Sports Foundation. Everything in their lives seems to be picture perfect, but trouble is looming just around the corner.

   The older generation of Tree Hill alums are keeping busy in the relationship department. Karen and Andy are still married, though the nest – if you can call a yacht a nest – is empty with Lilly grown and on her own. Without the girl as a buffer, their relationship begins to feel the strain.

   Deb is dating – again – much to the embarrassment of Nathan. Considering he inadvertently introduced his mom to her new man through his job, the line between his personal life and professional may become blurred.

   Needless to say, things are still interesting in Tree Hill. And they’re only going to get better.

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