Release Date: August 17, 2017  

Romance Readers Tell All


As a writer, reaching readers can be a frustrating and exhausting experience. This can be especially true for self-published authors who are doing everything on their own, sitting at their computer wondering...who are my readers? Where do I find my readers? And what, exactly, is it they think about our books? In Romance Readers Tell All, authors of the genre can get the answers to these questions and more. H.C. Bentley went straight to the readers to get feedback on:

 - the demographics of today's romance reader
- what they look for in terms of websites and social media
- how they shop for books
- finding new authors and more

H.C. puts all the feedback into an easy-to-follow guide so romance authors can use the information to adjust their marketing and social media to reflect the expectations of their readers. If you want to get inside the minds of current romance readers, then Romance Readers Tell All is a book you should invest in.

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