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Early Release: February 6, 2024.
Wide Release: March 5, 2024
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In the small town of Tatesville, Mississippi, teenage girls are vanishing without a trace. Girls like Lacey Fuller's best friends, Claire and Jo. But Lacey was the lucky one… she managed to escape when she was taken. Desperate to get away from the whispers and stares from people in town, Lacey left for college shortly after graduation and never looked back.

Now, ten years later, Lacey has returned home, hoping to put that dark time in her past behind her. When Jo's older brother, Brooks Harding, comes back into her life, Lacey finds herself unable to resist the feelings she once had for him. Lacey’s life is falling into place and she’s feeling a long-forgotten sense of peace… until the killer makes contact.

Fear blankets the town as girls once again start disappearing at a rapid rate. And with Lacey in the killer’s sights, she and Brooks know that until the person behind these abductions is caught, they have no chance at making a life together. But the truth they uncover is more than anyone ever expected.

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