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Young, handsome, and wealthy, Weston Fitzgerald has it all. As President of his family’s thriving business, he’s used to wheeling and dealing with high-power executives. But when a snowstorm leaves him stranded on the side of the road, he takes refuge in the only place he can: a family dairy farm in the middle of rural Kentucky. 

Scarlett Hale, known as Letti to family and friends, doesn’t know what to think when a handsome stranger stumbles into the milking barn where she works with her sisters and cousins. It's clear to Letti he’s out of his element, but she’s stuck with him until the roads clear. As she gets to know Wes, though, she starts to feel a little tingle...and it’s not from the spiked eggnog. 

Can a millionaire fall for a milkmaid? Or will their time together be limited to a kiss under the mistletoe?

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