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Praise for Feel The Heat...

"Their attraction intensifies as they get to know each other better. The danger intensifies also. This story is outstanding and suspenseful. It kept my attention from start to finish. I highly recommend reading."

- Bookbub Review

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Feel The Heat - The Bedfords (Book 2)

Firefighter Colt Bedford loves the job, even when the job almost kills him.

Two years later, the accident still haunts him. What began as nightmares starts to creep over into his waking moments. He's done his best to hide it from everyone, including his family, but one particular incident during a rescue exposes his vulnerabilities, putting his job in jeopardy.

Single mother Amy Kincaid had lived a nightmare of her own. After escaping her abusive husband, she's doing her best to raise her daughter on her own. Even though her ex is still making trouble for her, she's focused on her daughter and getting from one day to the next, with no thought of inviting a man - any man - into her life. Amy's world collides with Colt's when the firefighter and his partner carry the mother and daughter from their burning home. 

After the fire, a simple thank-you gesture from Amy turns into something neither of them had planned. Colt feels more for Amy than he has for any other woman before her, but after her failed marriage, Amy doesn't trust her heart. When Amy's ex-husband strikes again, putting their daughter's life in danger, Colt and Amy have to decide: do they go their separate ways or do they go after everything they didn't know they wanted?