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Praise for Delia...

"The Misadventures of a Dating Delia was a hilarious read! I loved this book and reading about all of the craziness Delia runs into while trying to find Mr. Right....a fun story, full of laughs and worth the read for sure."

- Alisa (Sassy Southern Book Blog)

"This book was laugh out loud funny!!! Delia goes from one date disaster after another, no thanks to her best friend who has a plan to help Delia date!! Makes me glad to be happily married!!! A great book to read on who NOT to ever date! Love the characters! A must read!!"

- Reader Review

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Delia has a bit of a problem.

You see, in college, in a moment fueled by youth and tequila, she made a pact with a guy. One that said if neither were married by a certain age, they'd marry each other.

Delia's now a successful career woman, one who's desperate to keep from marrying a stranger. Especially one just so happens to be an unemployed gaming nerd living in his mother's basement.

So Delia's best friend comes up with a plan for Delia to try every type of dating imaginable. Group dates, blind dates, online dating, speed dating. It's all part of the official Delia's Dating plan to find Mr. Right. But the plan quickly falls apart as each date bombs more hilariously than the last, leaving Delia to run for her sanity.

Will Delia find Mr. Right before it's too late, or will she end up as Mrs. Mortimer P. Floyd after all?