6 Ways To Not Be "That" Author

We have all heard of at least one author who causes an uproar or at the very least, drama. And we all know (or should know) that we don’t want to be “that” author. The indie community can be a wonderful place, when not polluted with a few entitled divas who want to show the world how diva they can really be. It doesn’t happen often but when it does….whew. Want to help make the indie community an even better place for all of us? Here’s six tips to put to use (or to anonymously forward to someone you think needs it. I won’t judge.): 1. Say Please & Thank You In a time when manners seem to have gone by the wayside most days, make it a point to use these two phrases your mama drilled into your h

Spotlight on Tiffany Carby

This month's author interview is with the one and only romance author Tiffany Carby! Let's dive in and get going, shall we? :) Where are you from? Kentucky How did you get started as a writer? I’ve been writing since I was a child! My first “published” work was in fifth grade; I wrote and bound an alien story called Orangepeachrumple. When were you first published and what was the book? She’s a Tiger Lily What romance sub-genres do you write? YA, NA, Contemporary Do you write full-time, or do you work a day job as well? If you work a day job, what do you do? Writing is my side hustle. What’s your favorite part about being a writer? I love telling stories; and making my characters

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