Turning the Tables: Amazeballs Book Addicts

Starting a little something fun here called Turning the Tables, where I interview bloggers (instead of the other way around!). It's something I'm going to try to do once a month, to help shine a light on blogs and bloggers who are making a difference in the indie author world. This month's blog is the awesome Amazeballs Book Addicts. Tabitha and Gia, the blog's owners, rock when it comes to supporting pretty much anything book related! Be sure to go show them some love on their Facebook page or their website! Now, let's get down to the interview and see what these ladies have to say! Where are you from? Tabitha- North GA Gia - Rhode Island Tell us a little bit about yourself (married, kids,

Planning vs Pantsing with Lorah Jaiyn

Today I'm joined by fellow romance author Lorah Jaiyn and we're talking about how we plot our stories. I'm a definite planner, whereas Lorah is a pantser. We'll each talk about what our respective terms mean and how we work with it. Hopefully, this will give those unsure of where they fall a bit of insight or ideas on how to complete their works-in-progress. :) Let's get started! PLANNING What is a planner? It's pretty much how it sounds. Someone who is a planner tends to lay out their stories ahead of time, so they know exactly where it's going, the pace of it, and so on. Why this works better for me than pantsing I guess I'm what some would call a Type A personality. lol I need the structu

You Reap What You Sow

I wasn’t going to address the situation currently exploding all over social media. I tend to try to focus on my own work and stay out of the drama, but this is far more than that. And a comment made during a conversation with a friend who is an aspiring author made me realize I can’t be quiet about it after all. The comment? She said she wasn’t sure she wanted to publish the books she wrote, after seeing all that has gone on over the last few days. It was a wake-up call for me. So, while this situation hasn’t affected my books personally, I feel I need to publicly stand with the authors it has. When I was writing my first book, I was in awe of how the indie community was so welcoming and hel

Me+You Author Interview: Kathy-Lynn Cross

Crestfallen by Kathy-Lynn Cross Jezza Shale is on her way for a summer weekend getaway with her boyfriend. Upon arriving, at the Sandy Cove, she checks in and waits for him to arrive. He never shows. Torn between concern and rejection, she decides to take a walk on the beach which ends in disaster. Jezza wakes in the B & B with no idea how she got there, but what’s worse – she’s a spirit trapped in room 223. Leaving everyone wondering, was she murdered or did she parish by her own hands? Kelvin Dayton is a recent divorcee, has taken what’s left of his divorce settlement and invested it into a bed and breakfast on the west coast. Once he arrives, things start happening he can’t explain. Hear

Me+You Author Interview: Jade Royal

Not Just Anybody by Jade Royal Dovie Cheating, lying, and sneaking around isn’t what love is about. But it was the catalyst that inspired her to buy a motorcycle and travel the country as a therapeutic remedy. No men. No distractions. Just her and the open road. Then, a sexy, stubborn stranger and his broken down car changed her path. And didn’t he smell like trouble for her mending heart? Caiden The damn rental wasn’t supposed to stall on his way to a wedding. The odds were set against him until this little spitfire rolled up on a motorcycle trying to save the day. Sexy. Persistent. Feisty too. Maybe she could help him get to his destination, but will she stumble upon his secret along

Me+You Author Interview: Natalia Schellhaas

Love at the Exhibition by Natalia Schellhaas Books and history were their passions, until they met each other. When Diana Holme’s livelihood is threatened, she comes together with Peter Argent, a local college history instructor in St. Petersburg, Florida, to save not just the only home she has ever loved but also Peter’s passion in life—teaching. Two men are behind the demise of both Diana’s bookstore and Peter’s teaching position, but nothing will come between the Love at the Exhibition. 1) What is your favorite genre to write? I'm not sure I have one, but most of what I write always has elements of romance. So, I suppose it might be my favorite, haha. 2) Do you believe in love a

Me+You Author Interview: Sarah Stein

The Romantic by Sarah Stein Trying to get out of a rut from her writing, Jane Varner goes on a vacation hoping to start fresh and clear her mind. The sad thing is, everything she writes revolves around something she doesn’t believe in, true love. Ryan Tryst misses the only thing he ever treasured, Jane. The one woman who can’t see what’s right in front of her. When they meet up by chance in Destin during the summer, their attraction is at an all-time high. Will Jane start to believe in soul mates and ever-after’s or continue to think it doesn’t exist? 1) What is your favorite genre to write? I love to write Erotic Romance but dabble in a bit of everything at the moment. 2) Do yo

Me+You Author Interview: Tara L Ames

Ocean Rescue by Tara L. Ames Devastated over the loss of a fellow Navy SEAL, LT Commander TJ McGregor is in no mood to do anything but commemorate the life of his fallen comrade, until a sexy, blue-eyed blonde ignites a passion deep inside him he never knew existed. But after all the hell he’s been through, he’s not sure he’s ready to open up and let her in. After Cassie Neale, US Army Nurse, saves TJ from two wild barracudas, she does everything she can to keep her distance from him. Yet, she can’t ignore the symptoms of their attraction: tingling skin, flushed cheeks, and well...Of course, she knows the only cure is to open her heart and take a risk again. But she’s not sure she’s ready

Me+You Author Interview: Alyssa Drake

Message in a Bottle by Alyssa Drake Uncork a mystery… Still grieving the loss of her husband, Rose Jacobs moves herself and her young son, Liam, to a beachside town from her youth; the only place not tainted with memories of Trevor. However, long-buried feelings are dredged to the surface as Rose reconnects with her childhood crush, Jaxon. When Jaxon reveals he rescued Rose after a botched treasure exploration, he inadvertently plants a seed in Liam's mind. Now the seven-year-old is missing... 1) What is your favorite genre to write? Romance, in general, because I always enjoy a love story. However, I like to blend genres together. Most recently I attempted Gaslight Romance which is Vic

Me+You Author Interview: Lynsey M. Stewart

Lead Me To The Water by Lynsey M. Stewart Lead me to the Water When my mum died, I didn't expect her to offer me the opportunity to start again. She told me to take chances, travel, discover life and fall in love. It sounded beautiful in theory, but sitting on the beach wondering where I was going to start was terrifying. Good thing there was a distraction… Contemplating life is easier when you’re watching a hot Surfer emerge from the water, peeling himself out of a wetsuit like a scene from a Bond film. Life doesn’t always go to plan; sometimes a curve ball leads you in a different direction. For me, it was a rogue olive. Spraining my ankle wasn’t part of the start a new life and be fabulou

Me+You Author Interview: H.C. Bentley

Take Me Home by H.C. Bentley Charlotte Bedford left her sleepy little hometown in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains to make a name for herself as a fashion photographer in the Big Apple. But her life in New York begins to take its toll, and she finds herself longing to return to her southern roots in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. What she doesn’t know is the only man she ever really loved had never left. Landon Montgomery was a southern boy, born and raised. And as much as he’d loved Charlotte, he’d had no desire to follow her to the big city. Instead, he stayed behind to help run his family’s business. When Charlotte returns home, he knows they have to reconcile their past if they are to h

Me+You Author Interview: J.L. Leslie

Freeing Fenley by J.L. Leslie I am a perfectionist. My parents will not allow anything less of me. I will not allow anything less of myself. I follow the rules and I never break them. I strive to accomplish my goals and, for me, failure is not an option. I can handle a playboy surfer. His smiles do not charm me. His touches do not warm my skin. His words do not make me forget my promises. I did not see Brigham King coming. He is my client. I never mix business with pleasure…especially when my job is on the line. “I want to make you live, Fenley. I want to make you come alive.” * Freeing Fenley contains adult language, adult content, and sexual situations. It is intended for mature re

Me+You Author Interview: Bella Emy

Beneath a Starlit Sky by Bella Emy My first love. The one I fell for so quickly. The one who stole my heart and made me believe we had it all. We did… till that fateful day when everything changed. 1) What is your favorite genre to write? Contemporary romance. 2) Do you believe in love at first sight? Maybe lust at first sight? LOL 3) What is your favorite body of water? The Mediterranean 4) Have you experienced a summer romance? Yes 5) What one thing always reminds you of summer? The beach in Italy where I spent my summers growing up. 6) Favorite color? Pink 7) Favorite ice cream flavor? Hazelnut 8) Favorite summer romance movie? The Notebook. 9) What is you

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