Behind the Mask 2018 - Nashville, TN

I went to my first big signing event this weekend (as a visitor, not an author). And I have to say... I had the BEST time. My good friend, Misty, road-tripped it with me to Nashville, Tennessee to attend. It's only about a two hour drive, so all in all, not too bad (and she was such a trooper on the drive home. Bad rain followed us, but she was awesome). A road trip with a good friend, then you throw in Starbucks and books! Win! Anyway, back to the event. After Misty and I got pointed in the right direction (in our defense, the hotel/convention center is huge and it didn't put out signs for the event, so we got a little lost), we finally entered a book lover's dream. Books and swag everywher

Here we go again...

Remember how, in the beginning of this thing, I said I sucked at blogging? Well, let’s put this into perspective here… My last blog was in June. Of last year. That’s 2017, folks. Eight long months ago. Yep, I definitely suck at blogging. You were warned. But I’m finding myself with thoughts I’d like to share, so I’m giving it another go. I’ll probably suck at it again, but hey…at least I’m consistent. ;)

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