Cover Reveal! When Love Comes Home

When Love Comes Home (Book 2 of the Small Town Hearts Trilogy) - Releasing November 2016 She was on her way out of her small hometown and out from under the thumbs of her controlling parents. But more importantly, she was in love for the first time. That summer would change her life forever. Years after returning home unexpectedly, Kari is no longer a naïve and hopeful teenager. She’s a grown woman who has been married and divorced, and is now a single mother who balances running a respectable business while also raising her daughter. The daughter Marc Eaddens, the boy she'd loved all those summers ago, didn't know he had. That boy is now a man who's returned to town to take over the family

Patience is a virtue...

Or so I've been told. With my second book now in the hands of beta readers and proofreaders/editors, I'm left to wait. I'm not good at waiting. Never have been. Don't get wrong, in this case, I'm trying to be patient. Because the ladies who are reading for me are doing me a huge favor, and I truly appreciate them taking time from their busy lives to do so. And because I know the feedback and end results will be worth it. In the meantime, I'm planning a party. THE party. I've decided I'm having a big bash to celebrate the release of When Love Comes Home in November. We're talking food (can we say chocolate fountain?), door prizes, even a selfie station. Throw in books, passage readings, and (

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